for a GROUP EXHIBITION “Living With the Land – Portland, UK”

Considering installation as a “territory controlled by me”, I call this field a “garden” and have come to present installations which take “garden” as theme.
Portland is known for its stone quarries, and so for this residence I focused on the cultural difference surrounding the use of stone in England and Japan, conducting an investigation mainly into the use of stone in gardens from the three perspectoves of “stonye stacking methods”, “stone layering methods”, and “stone combining methods”.
Through this investigation, I considered the culture which surrounds me in my native country, and presented a garden installation based on “a territory controlled by me”.
For the past one or two years, I have expanded this “garden” and, when this “controlled territory” includes plants, I also give consideration to which plants I will create.
After my exhibition in Portland, I toured public gardens, botanical gardens, and flower exhibitions in England Holland, and Germany, and the sculpture here which takes the form of a “territory controlled by me” was created while referring to the differences in the culture of flowers that I saw there and the culture of bonsai and ikebana which pervade my native surroundings.


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