Born in 1980, sculptor, software developer.
After graduation of  Kyoto City University of Arts in 2003, I have worked as an artist while working at a SIer in Tokyo.
I exhibit mainly in alternative spaces like Artist-run-space, Artists-in-Residence, etc., also involved in its activities.
Since the experience of stay and activities in Germany in 2010, I strongly feel the need to introduce Japanese culture abroad.
Then I focus on Asia, stayed in South Korea in 2015, staying in Taiwan since 2017 and researching Asian art.
2012 Stone Construct (The Drill Hall / Portland, England)
2010 Sacred Tree (Youkobo Art Space / Tokyo, Japan)
Enishi no Gawa (ART TRACE Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2009 Black Boxes (Youkobo Art Space / Tokyo, Japan)
BIBLIO (Nroom artspace / Tokyo, Japan)
2008 Garden (ART TRACE Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2014 feel – Kiyosato Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition (Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts / Yamanashi, Japan)
2014 Sozo Publishing Exhibition (Gallery GEN / Tokyo, Japan)
2012 Living With the Land – Portland, UK (Youkobo Art Space / Tokyo, Japan)
2011 Open Air Art Exhibition -Trolls in the Park- (Zempukuji Park / Tokyo, Japan)
LICHTINSELN 2011 (Karlsaue-Siebenbergen / Kassel, Germany)
DARK LIGHT (Hermannshof / Völksen, Germany)
2010 KunStart 10 (Messe Bozen / Bolzano, Italy)
2009 Verge Art Fair Miami 2009 (The Catalina Hotel / Miami, FL. USA)
TOKYO CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR (Tobi Art Forum / Tokyo, Japan)
Open Air Art Exhibition -Trolls in the Park- (Zempukuji Park / Tokyo, Japan)
The 2nd. International Exchange Exhibition US-JAPAN -Crosscurrent- (LA ARTCORE GALLERY / Los Angeles, CA. USA)
The 2nd. International Exchange Exhibition US-JAPAN -Crosscurrent- (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, MAKII MASARU FINE ARTS / Tokyo, Japan)
Market Trace 2009 (ART TRACE Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2008 ART TRACE Gallery Group Exhibition (ART TRACE Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
Market Trace 2008 (ART TRACE Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
2007 ART TRACE Gallery × Youkobo (Youkobo Art Space / Tokyo, Japan)
2003 ART CAMP in CASO (Contemporary Art Space Osaka / Osaka, Japan)
2014 Sozo (Joint Work / ART SPACE)
2003 Kyoto city University of Arts, Graduate Exhibition 2003
(Kyoto city Museum / Kyoto, Japan)Alumni Association’s Award
2012 The Drill Hall / Portland, England